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Vintage French Thermal Spa Glass & Wicker holder

Vintage French Thermal Spa Glass & Wicker holder

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Vintage French Thermal Spa Glass & Wicker holder

A very sweet little French Antique measuring glass In its wicker holder. A cute little lidded basket which has a metal turn lock fastening, and a leather carrying strap,

The case contains a small glass with measuring markers down one side. It is graduated because some spring waters would be sulfuric, or have concentrated minerals and therefore would need to be drank in small quantities.

Hydrotherapy, and the seeking of relief for aches, pains and respiratory issues by bathing in, or drinking, certain waters goes back way way in history, but gained popularity in the late 19th century particularly.

Archeologists have found such glasses in Vichy dating back to Roman times. The curist's glass is recognisable by its oval, slightly flattened shape. The little basket protects it as people walked up to the springs, and the little leather handle allows it to hang from a belt or a bag.

The glass and basket are in good condition, the strap is stiff and would soften with some leather treatment.

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